Birdwatching in Sundarbans

After a lovely but very short trip to Kolkata, we were even more excited about the second phase of our trip to where the Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal, the last stop in her long journey – The Sundarbans. Kilometres of mangroves and salty wide distributaries with a hardly known list of flora andContinue reading “Birdwatching in Sundarbans”

Kolkata : City with indefinite history, culture and traditions.

Date of the trip: 11th Jan 2020 to 13th Jan 2020 What better way to start the new decade than to get lost in the largest delta in the world? None other than the delta of Ganges of course! Here the mighty river finally merges with the Bay of Bengal. Here, Ganga Mayiya (as sheContinue reading “Kolkata : City with indefinite history, culture and traditions.”