Road travel: How to take your pet dog on road trips

India is a gigantic country and its roadway system takes the traveler till the last milestone. The remotest of villages/towns have at-least some kind of road leading to it. It is often the best way to see the true soul of our country, the hidden gems, and ‘social media virgin’ parts of India. Road tripsContinue reading “Road travel: How to take your pet dog on road trips”

10 steps: How to be a birdwatcher (hobbyist)

Before I tell you ‘How’, let me ask you ‘Why’. Why do you want to be a bird watcher? What is it that interests you about this hobby? Where did you hear about it? You got inspired looking at wildlife/bird photographs on social media? Your last hiking group had some birdwatchers, and their hobby fascinated you?Continue reading “10 steps: How to be a birdwatcher (hobbyist)”