Small talk

Chit-chat about here and there… what and where… how and WoW!

Love for road trips

I have been traveling all my life around the country with my parents. My family loves travelling, there is a special soft corner for road trips and we are always ready for some adventurous bird-watching trips. A couple of years back, when I got married to Sunny who was a complete ‘Bombay boy’ and had … Continue reading Love for road trips

Living the LOCK-DOWN

It’s true, COVID-19 is absolutely the biggest state of distress the whole world is experiencing since the world wars. Media is full of it and no one now bothers which bills are being passed in the parliament or how sexual exploitation is engulfing the film industry. The whole world is in the same glove and … Continue reading Living the LOCK-DOWN

A travelogue of experiences, photos and adventures taken during our time off from work.

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