Ranikhet : 15 things to do when you don’t feel like doing anything

Date of the trip: Nov – Dec 2020 Ranikhet, a small sleepy mountain town in the lower hills of western Himalayas, home and headquarters of Kumaon and Naga regiment – it’s where my parents currently live. When you have a home in one of the most scenic towns in the country, and when (you are)Continue reading “Ranikhet : 15 things to do when you don’t feel like doing anything”

Nainital : 7 things to do in a day during a pandemic!

Date of travel : 01st Dec 2020 Nainital is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North India. In the list of best honeymoon destinations in Himalayas, it sits right next to Shimla and Darjeeling. While staying in Ranikhet, one weekday (while my parents went to respective offices – smirk!) we decided to goContinue reading “Nainital : 7 things to do in a day during a pandemic!”

Anandvan Resort | Bhandardara | Maharashtra

Visited: December 2020. Stayed for 3 days. For us, a dream destination for a long weekend would be where both of us can keep our feet up & relax. Forget all about office deliveries and deadlines. Where the accommodation is nestled comfortably in the natural environment and not the other way around. Beautiful birds singing, feedingContinue reading “Anandvan Resort | Bhandardara | Maharashtra”

Birdwatching in Bhigwan

Date of the trip: 26th Dec 2019 to 28th Dec 2019 Bhigwan had our attention since my father first recollected his birding getaways to the lake many many years ago. It is called Bharatpur of central India and let me tell you, it’s really not just hearsay. It is located at one end of the reservoirContinue reading “Birdwatching in Bhigwan”

Andamans : Honeymoon destination 101

Date of the trip: 21st Nov 2013 to 27th Nov 2013 The first thought while going through the photographs of our trip to Andaman Islands was ‘out of the whole wide world, how did we ever decide on this destination?’ It was our honeymoon after all, our first adventure together after the roller coaster rideContinue reading “Andamans : Honeymoon destination 101”

Birdwatching in Sundarbans

After a lovely but very short trip to Kolkata, we were even more excited about the second phase of our trip to where the Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal, the last stop in her long journey – The Sundarbans. Kilometres of mangroves and salty wide distributaries with a hardly known list of flora andContinue reading “Birdwatching in Sundarbans”

Living the LOCK-DOWN

It’s true, COVID-19 is absolutely the biggest state of distress the whole world is experiencing since the world wars. Media is full of it and no one now bothers which bills are being passed in the parliament or how sexual exploitation is engulfing the film industry. The whole world is in the same glove andContinue reading “Living the LOCK-DOWN”

Kolkata : City with indefinite history, culture and traditions.

Date of the trip: 11th Jan 2020 to 13th Jan 2020 What better way to start the new decade than to get lost in the largest delta in the world? None other than the delta of Ganges of course! Here the mighty river finally merges with the Bay of Bengal. Here, Ganga Mayiya (as sheContinue reading “Kolkata : City with indefinite history, culture and traditions.”

Agra : Wah ‘TAJ’!

Date of the trip: 1st Dec 2019 Read this post to see how you can plan an exciting long weekend loop road-trip from Delhi to Bharatpur to Agra with a half day trip to Fatehpur sikri. Since the earliest time of my life, I remember Agra to be a family favorite city, as it is forContinue reading “Agra : Wah ‘TAJ’!”

Fatehpur Sikri : One with the grand entrances

Date of the trip: 30th Nov 2019 Read this post to see how you can plan an exciting long weekend loop road-trip from Delhi to Bharatpur to Agra with a half day trip to Fatehpur sikri. The great king Akhbar had sought the blessing of the Saint Sheikh Salim of Sikri while wishing for aContinue reading “Fatehpur Sikri : One with the grand entrances”