Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve – A weekend with the Big Cats!

Date of the trip: Dec 2021 Like all our other trips, we were really excited about our upcoming long weekend in Tadoba wildlife sanctuary. And yes, like every time we knew it was going to be full of little surprises. It was going to be our ultimate year-end holiday. But the fact, that this timeContinue reading “Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve – A weekend with the Big Cats!”

Birdwatching in Sattal

Visited : November 2020. Day trip. Sattal is a beautiful town situated at the lower Himalayan range in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The name ‘Sat tal’ means seven lakes. These seven inter-connected freshwater lakes are a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers because of the versatile  topography of the landscape and the varietyContinue reading “Birdwatching in Sattal”

Birdwatching in Pangot

Pangot is a small village located in Kosiyakutoli tehsil of Nainital district in Uttarakhand on the way to Kilbury wildlife sanctuary. It is rarely visited by general tourist but is very popular with wildlife and birding enthusiasts. The village itself is popular scenic destination for breathtaking views and for the variety of birds found aroundContinue reading “Birdwatching in Pangot”

Birdwatching In Goa

Date of the trip: Sept – Oct 2019 Although our holiday aspirations are always based on perfect birding seasons, our actual leaves are always based on when we get a break between projects, we don’t have too much control over what season we end up in at any destination. Most would say November to FebruaryContinue reading “Birdwatching In Goa”

10 steps: How to be a birdwatcher (hobbyist)

Before I tell you ‘How’, let me ask you ‘Why’. Why do you want to be a bird watcher? What is it that interests you about this hobby? Where did you hear about it? You got inspired looking at wildlife/bird photographs on social media? Your last hiking group had some birdwatchers, and their hobby fascinated you?Continue reading “10 steps: How to be a birdwatcher (hobbyist)”