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Hello World, I’m Varnica! I am out to explore the planet with my partner in adventure, Sunny (Checkout his amazing wildlife photographs on his instagram page) . Married for over 8 years, both of us re-discovered our love in travel guidebooks, bird watching and basically everything which would make us go waow and wonder. 

I have been travelling all my life, thanks to the armed forces and parents who never shy away from a great road trip. To be born and brought up in India, the most diverse country on the face of this planet, has been a privilege and both of us always feel lucky to be citizens of the country which is in the bucket list of most people around the world. 

Our aim through this blog is to share our experiences, photos, itineraries of our world travel and adventures and much more.

Whom is this blog for, you ask?

Me as well as Sunny believe in ‘comfortable budget’ holidays. It may not be a term in travel blogging industry but it is exactly what it says. It’s in between a rough and tough backpacker and a luxury vacation trip. We work full time and our job demands from 8 -15 hours regularly. Our funds are limited and time is expensive. 

Being a backpacker demands a lot of time if not so much money. Stays might not always be comfortable and god knows I can not do shared bathrooms and bad beds. You might wait hours for a cheap mode of transport or prefer skipping seeing some place if its too expensive or far away. It is an appealing idea and sometimes I do picture myself wandering off like a backpacker but I think I might be miserable soon enough. 

Both of us could never relate to luxury travel. Point blank simple. No money, no urge. We are too restless in our toes for a thing like that. We are more street food than gourmet. More hike time than spa time.  We would rather spend the money to see a region or two in our two week vacation than soaking in the sun and lounging with a glass of wine in a spa in a luxury seaside resort for a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of luxury travel, I love it in the movies, novels, magazines and maybe one day I will try it out. For the time being, it’s not for us!

We like to plan our trips but not get tied down by them, carry a map but don’t fear being lost. We like to spend on things which matter and get a work around for things that don’t. But most importantly, we never ever leave an opportunity to go on an adventure and seeing something new.

So, when you look deep inside of yourself and you find someone eager to see the world, smell it’s flavours, listen to it’s songs, watch what it has to offer, absorb all it’s experiences and adventures and yet not break the bank or your back… read on…

We hope this blog inspires you enough to put on those shoes and discover the wild and beautiful world out there ‘when on a break’.

UPDATE 2021-2022

We have a four legged update in ‘Our Story’ in 2021 & 2022.

Jiraiya & Jeannie, with their explorer’s soul and inquisitive noses came to us as tiny pup-looz! They soon changed our perspective in life, and our obsession with keeping things tidy, off-course went for a toss! We started seeing the world from their point of view, our search engines are now full of pet friendly travel blogs, tips, advises and suggestions.

Random road-trips have made them accept our car’s backseat as their second home. Their love for travel shows with their wagging tail, gazillion licks and sparkly excited eyes, every time we are out and about. 🙂

We are looking forward to more and more fun trips and adventures with our new travel buddies!

When on a Break - Sunny intro

Get Inspired!

All you have to do is,

decide and go…

and the hardest part is over

~Tony Wheeler
Co-founder Lonely Planet

It’s better to see something once

than to hear about it a

thousand times.

~Asian proverb
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