Train travel: What to pack for pet dog’s train travel

Our first train journey with Jiraiya from Mumbai to Delhi (16 hours) was indeed most enjoyable. Needless to say Indian railways has surpassed all our expectations! We would definitely not hesitate to travel by rail with our pet dog Jiraiya again.

Read how we did it here.

The whole journey was enjoyable for us because we planned Jiraiya’s travel essentials well according to his temperament and needs.

Below is the list of things we took for Jiraiya on his first train journey:

  1. Harness
  2. Collar/Semi choke collar
  3. Adjustable leash
  4. Soft bedding. Lighter the better, we took a thick bedsheet to cover the floor.
  5. Everyday kibble/wet packed food in separate pouch/tiffin for each meal. We took half the usual quantity as pets may not want to eat too much in new environment. It will also help them hold their poop longer.
  6. Lots and lots of their favorite chews. Soft and hard.
  7. Their comfort plush toy or a piece of their daily bedding. Idea is to make them feel at home as much as possible.
  8. At least a liter or two of drinking water. Pets normally don’t feel very thirsty due to air conditioning. It also helps them in holding their pee as much as possible.
  9. Five pee pads and a small bundle of newspaper. Better to be ready for any kind of accidents.
  10. Poop scooper, thick tissue roll and garbage bags. Hey, you never know what may scare the shit out of your pampered pooch!
  11. Food bowl and water bowl. Anti skid possibly.
  12. Towel. Big and small.
  13. Jacket. Or another cloth sheet to protect the pet from AC chill.
  14. First aid kit. Refer to your vet for a list.
  15. Mental stimulating toys. We did not feel the need of using these as we made sure Jiraiya was exhausted before we entered the train. Sleepiness kept him at peace and let us enjoy our journey.

Look at those eyes, Jiraiya waiting for Sunny to come back after brushing his teeth 🙂

General points to note:

Only the pet parents know their pet the best. Analyze potential behavioral problems and find best solutions to handle them in worst case scenarios.

Remaining calm through out the journey is necessary for the pet parents to keep the pet calm too. It’s completely fine if your pet does not eat or relieve itself for 12-15 hours. Don’t stress over it.

Try to exhaust the pet before boarding the train. This will help in keeping them well behaved through out the journey.

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