Love for road trips

I have been traveling all my life around the country with my parents. My family loves travelling, there is a special soft corner for road trips and we are always ready for some adventurous bird-watching trips.

Our first car in the background, the best companion in our local road trips.

A couple of years back, when I got married to Sunny who was a complete ‘Bombay boy’ and had not traveled much, I jumped at the task of showing off the beautiful vibrant India to him.

Some times the most scenic roads in life

are the detours you din’t mean to take.

~ Angela N Blount

Sunny is an avid wildlife photographer (check out his instagram page) and was a welcome addition to our family of birdwatchers. There are innumerable species of birds found in India for every terrain and in search of those, most of our travels are on a beaten path where normally no typical tourist would wander.

Off-roading in search of a bird, most common adventure during our trips

Road trips are great for experiencing the art of slow travel. You have the independence of deciding the speed of travel and the best part is the freedom to stop anywhere and absorb the surroundings. Breath in the new air, try food at a local dhabba or just grab a quick chai or nariyal/nimbu pani and stretch your legs, take some amazing photos and carry on…

Packed breakfast and tea or roadside dhaba stop. Slow travel is the essence of relaxation.

I have very fond memories of my father driving our Omni van with us, grandparents and our dog in it, all comfortable. Munching on snacks, jamming with the radio and discussing the route and our destination. My mother always struggling with the large paper maps and open windows (thanks google for maps! phew!) . Those are the best family times I have embedded in my head. Road travel in India has evolved since then. We have expressways, better planned bypass roads and better midway facilities making road trips a breeze. After my marriage, me and Sunny have continued the family trend and try to hit the road as often as possible.

Years have passed by, even though my father sometimes leaves the wheel for Sunny now, our fun on the road has only increased. ๐Ÿ™‚

In this blog I have shared my experiences of road travel trips around Mumbai (our home base) in our own car as well as from other cities in a rented car.

Rental cars make it easy to travel to remote places in any state/country.

When there is a choice, always do a road trip!

When you go on a road trip,

the trip itself becomes part of the story.

~ Steve Rushin

Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite road-trip route and what’s the best thing you like about a road-trip!!

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Published by varnicamathur

A visual effects artist by profession, I am on the road for a new adventure every free moment. For me, journey is as enjoyable as the destination. Sometimes even more. Beginning from the first moment when an idea of a trip comes in my head to the time I crash back on my bed after the trip, each moment is worth the money, the energy and the time. All my travels are shared by my wild life photographer husband who enjoys and shares my love for wandering 'when on a break'.

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