Delhi – Bharatpur – Agra

Trip taken: 29th Nov 2019 to 1st Dec 2019

A long weekend at hand, Sunny, me, my parents and my brother decided to drive down to Bharatpur from Delhi which was essentially a birding trip. Due to close proximity, we planned a stop over at Fatehpur and Agra while looping back to Delhi.

The road route of the trip

It’s a perfect long weekend trip. Even from Mumbai, off-course you need to take a 2 hour flight to Delhi, but after that it’s as smooth as it can be. Not too rushed, but filled with a lot of varied experiences. A visit to the most densely populated bird sanctuary in India, home to many migratory birds from all over the world. Half day trip to the bold red palace of Fatehpur. Unforgettable & mesmerizing sunrise on the banks of Yamuna, watching the famous and beautiful Taj Mahal.

To be able to utilise our holiday time to the fullest, we targeted to be on the expressway by 7am.

All basic amenities are marked on the road clearly

The Yamuna expressway starting from Noida and ending at Agra is an excellent recent addition to the Indian infrastructure. It’s a straight three lane each way wide fenced road with a bushy divider and all basic amenities at regular intervals. Stopping on the expressway is prohibited but there are multiple exits where a break can be taken. Toll amount to be paid at the entry of the expressway: Rs 415.

Highway masala and Jolly Go food court next to Indian Oil petrol pump

About an hour from Noida, Highway Masala & JollyGo food court (both in the same compound with a large parking area) are an excellent place to stop. It’s right next to Indian Oil petrol pump, great place to fuel up your car and your tummy. JollyGo has multiple eateries. Subway being one of them.

We personally only tried Highway masala and I would recommend it highly for anyone travelling on this route. The eating area is clean and hygienic with industrial chic interiors. Had clean well kept washrooms (for all the fussy toilet users out there like me!). Also check out the souvenir shop here. It has a good collection. All north Indians love their parathas and chai and a road trip without a tea break is unimaginable. Try the mix paratha and kulhad chai. It would wake you up and get you ready for the long, LONG straight empty, uninterrupted road till Mathura exit.

During this trip we stayed two nights in Bharatpur and undertook quick visits to Fatehpur and Agra. Alternatively, you can stay one night in Bharatpur and the other in Agra. All three cities have a lot to offer but for a long weekend we had to pick and choose according to our interests.

And here is what we did:

Agra : Wah ‘TAJ’!

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Fatehpur Sikri : One with the grand entrances

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Birdwatching in Bharatpur

Dates of the trip: 29th Nov 2019 to 1st Dec 2019 Read this post to see how you can plan an exciting long weekend loop road-trip from Delhi to Bharatpur to Agra with a half day trip to Fatehpur sikri. Are you a Birdwatcher ? Are you a Wildlife enthusiast? Are you a Nature photographer?…

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